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    Latest Processor technology , Intel 65nanometer Process technology support

Intel Pentium 4 Processor in the 775 Land Grid Array(LGA) Socket Supported
intel Dual-Core Processor with 1066/800/533 FSB, Core speed of up to 3.8Ghz
Intel Hyper-Threading Tech, EM65T, EIST Supported.
This system Spec : Intel P4 531(3.0Ghz) 
    Northbridge : Intel 865G
Southbridge : Intel ICH5 
    Dual-channel DDR 400 memory support.
This system Spec : 512M Memory
  AGP 8X(AGP 3.0) VGA Interface Specification enhances graphics
Intel 865 chipset with Intergrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Technolgy.
  6-Channel Audio support.
ADI AD1888JCPZ high -definition Audio Codec
Optical Storage 
  DVD-Multi Supported. 
Hard Drive 
  80Gb HDD
ATA-33/66/100 Ultra DMA,